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E PLURIBUS UNUM – Sam Hundley – American Scrap Artist


A gallery sculpture exhibition by American Scrap Artist Sam Hundley at
THE DRAGONFLY ART STUDIO – 1703 Colley Ave, Norfolk.

In his first exhibition of 2018, Sam Hundley will display a multitude of found-object creations that spring naturally from his life-long exposure to American culture, the essence of his work. 

From the artist: “I’m no different from other artists in that I want my work to be relevant to the present and the future. But lately, I’ve been struggling with how to create art that reflects this current culturally divisive era in which we all live. Anger is a great motivator, but who needs more of that? So I’m starting to lean more heavily on the foot that’s planted in the past, hoping that there might be more that unites us than divides us… I may be wrong! But I’m hoping that if you join me at this show, we’ll be able to see the present differently by celebrating the many beautiful things we all have in common. Hope to see you there!”

View more of Sam’s work at http://SamHundley.com/

Opening night exhibition begins at 6pm Friday March 9th
with a limited space workshop in our main studio Saturday March 10th (Click here for tickets).

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