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  • Release of Liability

If you register for and/or attend any class, workshop, or any other event at The Dragonfly Art Studio, you are agreeing to the studio’s RELEASE OF LIABILITY / LIABILITY WAIVER, which can be viewed by clicking here.

  • Policies for Specific Events

In addition to the policies outlined in this document, individual events, classes, workshops, etc., may have other specific or alternative policies. Please refer to the class or event description or associated documentation for details. Questions or concerns can always be sent to info@TheDragonflyArtStudio.com or texted to us at 757-324-5488.

  • Event, Class, and Workshop Registrations

Registration for all classes, events, and workshops is dependent on available space and, if space is available, accepted up to the first day of class. Registration is available on a first-come-first-served basis, and space is not fully reserved until payment in full is received. We strongly encourage registering ahead of time due to potential high demand. Classes must be paid in full at time of registration.

  • Cancellation Policy

For general classes and workshops, if notice of cancellation is received more than 7 days prior to the start of the first class, a 15% cancellation fee will be applied to the refund. If participant cancels within 7 days prior to the start of the first class, or after the class has started, no refund is available. 

For Kids group and private art lessons, no refunds for cancellations will be given, but if notice is given more than 24 hours prior to the start of the lesson, credit will be given for a future class. Notice must be given to the studio by email at info@TheDragonflyArtStudio.com or by phone or text at 757-324-5488 in order for credit to be issued. The Dragonfly Art Studio may reschedule lessons from time to time. In the event that a rescheduling is necessary, credit will be given for a future class.

Exhibitions,  Classes, Workshops, Lessons, and other Events may be canceled by The Dragonfly Art Studio due to low enrollment or other reasons. Except for the situations otherwise outlined above, participants enrolled in these canceled classes will receive a 100% refund.

For DRAGONFLY ART CAMP, no refunds are available for cancellations made within 30 days of the start of Camp. If the start of camp is beyond 30 days, a credit will be given for the total amount paid minus 15% cancellation fee, which can be used for a future class, event, workshop, or camp.

  • Materials

It is the responsibility of all students and parents to know their sensitivities to the materials that may be used in any of the classes.

Students can obtain a supply list from the individual instructor after registration, or can email info@thedragonflyartstudio.com for more specific information prior to registering.

Some supply fees may apply in addition to class fees, and are included in the class or workshop description.

  • Storage of materials and completed items

The Studio will discard, reclaim, or otherwise handle as it sees fit items remaining unclaimed for longer than 2 weeks beyond the completion of class or 2 weeks beyond the last fire date. For bisque-fired items,  STUDENTS SHOULD BE AWARE THAT THEY SHOULD ALWAYS COLLECT THEIR ITEMS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO AVOID LOSING THEM. For those items with a sticker, students should refer to the legend affixed to the side of the kiln rack to determine after which date items will be reclaimed.

All items belonging to student, including clay, tools, aprons, projects in process, etc., must be removed from class shelves on the final day of class, as shelves are emptied and cleaned after the final class session is complete. For those students who have remaining Open Studio sessions to schedule and attend, in-process projects may be moved to the shelves marked for Open Studio. ALL ITEMS ON OPEN STUDIO SHELVES MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED WITH STUDENTS NAME AND PHONE NUMBER OR THEY WILL BE RECLAIMED OR DISCARDED. Items on Open Studio shelves belonging to students previously enrolled in a class may only remain on Open Studio shelves for 2 weeks beyond the date of the final class.

  • Personal Items and Belongings

Under no circumstances will the Studio be responsible for any personal items, related to the class or otherwise, belonging to any student, customer, visitor, or other person.

  • Kiln Firing Protocol

Pottery that is made by students in a class in which they are registered and that is subsequently fired in the kiln as part of a class is to be for personal and non-commercial purposes only. No production work or items meant for resale are to be fired as classwork. Any items of a commercial or resale purpose are subject to our Kiln Firing program specifications which bear a separate cost. Please refer to our KILN FIRING PROCEDURES or ask a studio attendant or instructor for details.

  • Conduct

The Studio is committed to operating a fun, inviting, inclusive, positive environment. It is expected that students will treat each other as well as their instructor, with respect, kindness, and patience, and understand that we are all here to create in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Those who show a lack of respect and who act inappropriately toward students and/or staff will be asked to leave and are not welcome to return to our facility. No refunds will be given.

  • Medical Concerns

It is the participant’s responsibility to relay any concern, medical or otherwise, that could affect the participant’s, or participant’s minor children’s participation in the class, workshop, or other event. This includes allergies, medications, or other information that we would need to be aware of in order to have a safe event. 

Any questions or concerns should be relayed to The Studio by emailing info@thedragonflyartstudio.com or texting us at 757-324-5488 so that we can make arrangements for a safe and fun experience.

  • Media Consent

Programs at The Dragonfly Art Studio are occasionally photographed or videotaped. Enrollment in a program, registering for an event, or otherwise participating in any activity at The Dragonfly Art Studio authorizes us to have, use, publish, and reproduce photographs, slides, moving pictures, or video of you, of minor family members who participate, and/or of your artwork or projects, for promotional, marketing, and public relations purposes in print and/or online. Please contact us if you if you are opposed to the above policy.

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